Each year automobile enthusiasts across the globe hold their collective breaths in anticipation of annual auto shows and this year too, numerous luxury brands have showcased the most expensive cars at 2012 auto shows. Whether it be a facelift for an existing model or an altogether new vehicle, any international auto show has to transform into a platform for some of the most breathtaking cars of 2012. With the rapidly evolving automobile technology, along with the intense focus on luxurious interiors and bespoke features, luxury marques all over the world are striving to bring the most alluring vehicles to international markets. With a thriving luxury industry, major markets such as the likes of China, U.S etc. have witnessed a surge in the demand for luxury sedans, luxury SUVs and even luxury supercars. From Ferrari, Lamborghini to Bentley and Land Rover, to name a few, luxury cars have made a profoundly significant impact on nearly every 2012 auto show till date.

Here at World Most Expensive, while we are ardently  in love with the sheer beauty and elegance of luxury cars, we also greatly admire the immense technological advancements made in the field of automobiles. Understanding the impact of these bespoke cars and their respective luxury car brands on the global economy as a whole, we are proud to present to our luxury hungry readers the Most Expensive Luxury Cars at 2012 Auto Shows.

1.  Aston Martin Dragon 88

Manufacturer: Aston Martin

Introduction: 2012 Beijing Auto Show

Celebrating the auspicious occasion of the Chinese ‘Year of the Dragon’, renowned British luxury car manufacturer unveiled the all new Aston Martin Dragon 88 at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. This new range of exclusive Aston Martin luxury cars is comprised of the company’s high selling models including V8 Vantage S, Virage, and the Aston Martin DBS. The Dragon 88 limited edition collection will feature various body paint options such as champagne gold, volcano red, and amethyst red, while all Dragon 88 models will carry a 24 carat gold-plated Aston Martin wings logo that will be showcased on the hood as well as the rear of the cars. Furthermore, to ensure exclusivity, Aston Martin will also be including the widely acclaimed Aston Martin One-77 supercar into the Dragon 88 collection, along with  the four door Aston Martin Rapide that has been especially customized for the series by in-house ‘Q by Aston Martin’ service. Considered to be one of the most expensive luxury cars at 2012 auto shows, the entire Dragon 88 collection will be introduced to the Chinese and other Asian markets this year, with more international markets set to receive these bespoke models.