Usher’s Stepson Kile Glover To Be Buried In Atlanta Friday

Last week Usher released “Scream,” the second single off his forthcoming album, Looking for Myself.

The song was mostly well received, however, there were some people that complained because they

weren’t used to the high-energy club feeling the track had.

To those critics, “Lemme See” is for you.


The song, which features a killer verse from Rick Ross, has a more urban feel to it, and it features classic

freaky-Usher talk.

On the track, Usher is as raunchy as ever, with lyrics like “talk you into gangbang.”

It seems like Usher is going all over the map on his latest LP, giving different favors of songs for everyone.

So far we’re feeling it.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Usher feat. Rick Ross – Let Me See

What do you think of “Lemme See?”

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