B.o.B. and Nicki Minaj are the two strangest forces in hip-hop.

That’s why a collabo between the two just seems so natural. A new track with B.o.B and Nicki appropriately titled “Out of My Mind” just leaked.


The track features the two sharp spitters rapping manic bars over a loud, eccentric, synth-heavy beat.


Even though B.o.B does his thing on the tack, the queen of the Barbs completely wrecks this.

On her verse, it actually sounds like she’s coming at B.o.B a little bit when she raps:

“What’s your name b.o.b, so they’re calling you Bob?  Stop playing, n*igga, you know I’m known for the bob. A couple of hit songs got you thinking you a heartthrob? Well this thang so good make a n*gga want to sob.”

Dope. And we’re sure all nine million of Nicki’s Twitter followers will love it.

The track is just the latest release off B.o.B.’s forthcoming Strange Clouds album, which drops this Tuesday.

 FREE DOWNLOAD: B.o.B. & Nicki Minaj “Out Of My Mind”   (SINGLE)MP3