While a majority of fans are enthusiastic about Nas’ new single, “Daughters,” Carmen Bryan, mother of Nas’ daughter Destiny, is not too thrilled (via MTV).

“Just heard ‘Daughters’ by Nas,” Bryan tweeted Thursday after the song’s release. “What a disappointment! He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false.”

Bryan was also displeased with how he chose to express it.

“Perhaps her father should be talking to her and spending more time with her so he can really get to know her,” Bryan tweeted. “Destiny is still a child it was the wrong platform.”

Nas does acknowledge not spending enough time with his daughter on the second verse of the track, however, where he addresses the February incident when Destiny displayed her condom collection via Twitter. “At this point I realized I ain’t the strictest parent,” Nas raps.

As MTV notes, this isn’t the first time Bryan has spoken out against Nas. In 2007, she released a tell-all book titled “It’s No Secret,” in which she revealed the ins and outs of her and Nas’ relationship, as well as her affair with Jay-Z.

If you haven’t heard it listen below.

Nas’ ‘Daughters’ Song