DJ Clue Net Worth: $12 Million

Ernesto Shaw (born January 8, 1975) better known as DJ Clue?, is a mixtape DJ.
DJ Clue has been active in the hip-hop community for over ten years. Based on his accomplishments, he plays songs on the radio and in clubs. DJing has long been a favorite pastime of his, which he has turned into a career. Specifically, his accomplishments have been in the “Mixtape” which is popular in the hip-hop community. His 90-minute compilations include a variety of artists. DJ Clue is known for products such as Clue For President, Clueminatti and Show Me The Money Pt.’s I and II. DJ Clue is best known for his first Mixtape: The Professional – Part I (selling over a million copies). He was also behind the infamous DJ Clue Presents: Backstage Mixtape, which debuted at #6 on the charts. DJ clue has recently released The Professional Part II as well. What makes The Professional Part II innovative is the roseter of artists assembled: Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule, Jadakiss, DMX, Snoop, Lil Mo, Busta feat. Rah Digga, Eminem feat. Method Man and Royce, and Nas. He also produced half the album along with his partner Ken Durro with whom he has a production company (No Question Entertainment).
A native of Queens, New York, 26-year old “Clue” became fascinated with the artistry of Hip Hop back in 1989 (then known as MC Drama) when he was a front man for a neighboring Queens rap group. It was in the midst of an intense practice session that Clue gazed over at the deejay’s turntables and immediately became enthralled – shortly after deciding that he would rather add, subtract and multiply beats, and get the crowd’s undivided attention by making their eardrums dance to what he’s mixing. All it took was a pair of Linear-Tech DD 1700’s, two copies of Chic’s “Good Times” and heart to get started.
DJ Clue broke ground by releasing his first tape in 1990, Clue #24. The tape took New York City by storm: the tape was distributed citywide (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn) and his name grew quickly as did his record collection – mainly because he included unreleased material. Add live recording street freestyles to the mix and Clue provides a diverse multicultural listening experience. Differentiating himself from normal mix tapes, eponymously named Clue tapes were released. DJ Clue has put together approximately two hundred mix-tapes in a seven-year span, with sales on par of top record labels (unverified). “If the RIAA were to count the tapes I’ve sold independently over the years, I would’ve been certified multi-Platinum by now,” Clue says of his sales.
In the past three years DJ Clue has earned “Best Mix Tape” awards from the music industry. DJ Clue contributes his talent to Hot 97 in New York City as well as nightclubs. He appears on the club scene around the world. His radio show is popular because of his mixing prowess.
What is DJ Clue’s net worth? DJ Clue’s net worth is $12 million dollars. Born in Queens, New York, DJ Clue, also known as Ernesto D. Shaw, Jr., was originally interested in pursuing a rap career, but quickly fell in love with generating his own beats and making crowds dance. His first mixtape, released in 1990, became an almost instant hit, circulated widely because it contained a large amount of music that could not be heard anywhere else. He also recorded his mixing live freestyle, giving all of his tapes a raw, immediate feel that became part of his signature sound. He distributed tapes independently throughout the 90s, and his first mixtape CD, “The Professional: Part 1”, sold over a million copies. Since then, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of artists, including Jadakiss, DMX, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Mary J. Blige, and Lil’ Mo. When not working on his own mixtapes, he is the co-director of No Question Entertainment, with business partner, Ken Durro.
DJ Clue Net Worth: $12 Million