Who could forget the flick that hit the net of Jadakiss in the studio with Kanye, Busta, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled and Mos Def? Jada recently sat down with MTV’s Sucker Free to talk about the studio session, as well as how the lab meeting with Kanye West that took place days later came about.

On the all-star session:
“It’s just about the elite forces in the industry linking up with each other, trying to capture a certain sound. I loved that night. That was a timeless night in hip-hop, and my life … I think some huge things are to come out of that room.”

On working with Kanye:
“’Ye reached out. I ain’t just fallin’ through. I mean something here. I’m kind of a big deal in this music industry!”


“Consignment” (FULL MIXTAPE) 2012


Hear what else he had to say about the collaborations below.