After Nicki Minaj vowed not to return to Twitter, she has now spoken up about the events that were rumored to spark the decision.

In an interview with Capital FM, she delved into the rumors about a fansite distributing her leaked music online.  “It was just funny before my album came out– I followed their Twitter page and I saw them tweeting away exclusive leaks off my album,” she said.  “And I’m like well if you made a fan page, I would imagine that you actually are my fan and you care about me and you wouldn’t wanna do something like that. So, I just unfollowed them. I didn’t say anything mean, I just unfollowed them. Then low and behold I saw that they were rallying people against me and saying ‘she unfollowed us. how mean is she?'”

However, that wasn’t actually the reason she chose to delete her Twitter. Instead, she just needed some space. “I’m like– Lets set the record straight because a lot of times I don’t speak on things but I don’t want people to think that’s why I deleted my Twitter,” said Nicki. “I just needed a moment to myself. Because some page posted things about me– I mean, I’ve read horrible things about myself. I wouldn’t delete my Twitter over that.


Watch Nicki’s Capital FM interview below.