GUCCI: medium mask sunglasses with GG web on temples


Lil Wayne’s Trukfit Collection
The Martian launches a label that’s skate boy fresh

VIBE: Rapper clothing lines were popping at one point, but then fizzled. What
made you start one now?
Lil Wayne: I always had a clothing line. I never had the proper time, the proper name and
never was really into it. It’s probably been two or three years now, just never put it out. I was
never satisfied with the design.
Many of the pieces are very skateboard influenced.
Yeah, it was just a natural thing. It represents where I’m at and what I’m about right now.
Who were some of your initial inspirations?
Just speaking to some of my homies that have clothing lines—Stevie Williams from DGK
[Dirty Ghetto Kids], people like that.
Do you plan on expanding into jeans and accessories?
We’re going to get into all that. I just have to approve everything. I approve all products and
I’m a very strict, unreasonable guy. That’s really the holdup on a lot of things.
Where do you envision Trukfit going—on the level of Gucci or Polo?
That’s the beautiful part of it. I don’t have a destination. Therefore, it can go wherever and I’ll
be excited about it.