Not only did Nicki Minaj delete her Twitter but she also recently threatened to leave the game in a recent interview with Tim Westwood.


But the Young Money first lady hasn’t called it quits quite yet. She was spotted at London’s Heathrow Airport getting ready to jetset up out of there with her executive producer/rumored boo Sarafee by her side.

Nicki sported as much flourescent hot pink as anyone can handle along with a pair of Spice Girl-like platform boots.


We really hope the femcee was joking about retiring. She was just named the most successful female rapper of all time for crying out loud! And can we really go without our beloved multi-personality star and her extravagant looks like the one above?! We don’t think so!

In case you missed it, check out Nicki address her career moves with Tim Westwood in the video below.