Juvenile chatted it up with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club!

The rapper discussed Cash Money, Hot Boys, what he’s up to now and his ongoing custody battle.

He mentioned that though he didn’t want to depart from Cash Money, he felt that it was necessary. “I wanted to stay,” he said. “You never wanna leave a winning team.  That’s like Jordan leaving the Bulls. I just felt like I wanted to be compensated for my work, I just wanted to get paid for it. ”

While they started out as a family, he said things changed. “Once the success came, things started switching up and I was paying attention.”

However, the rapper isn’t opposed to reuniting with the Hot Boys to produce an album. “I don’t see it not happening,” said Juvenile.

The former Hot Boy also addressed the rumors surrounding his current custody battle and shot down  speculation that he was questioning his paternity and that he was behind on child support payments. “If you want to know what the situation is, I want custody of my son,” he said. “That’s all that is.”

For now,  he’s still on his grind with his music. “My main thing is just being creative. I take my time with things I do. I’ve been in the studio like crazy. ” Along with Rick Ross, he will also be dropping the video for his first single “Power.”

Check out the full interview below.