The-Dream has a blonde beard. We repeat, The-Dream has a blonde beard!

While at first glimpse, you might think this is some bad style choice by yet another celebrity that will catch on like wild fire, it turns out that Terius Nash actually lost a bet.


The “Form Of Flattery” singer made the unflattering cosmetic choice – only because he had to.

He tweeted: “Losing a bet is as wack as this blonde beard. Thanks Atlanta Hawks”

So while we might not see the yellow beard on The-Dream for long, this new facial hair has been as much of his act as his catchy tunes. Matter fact, when celebs have facial hair, it tends to take on a life of its own. Superstars like Rick Ross, Brad Pitt and even Kanye West have all commanded attention with their follicle flair.


Some stars’ facial fuzz even has its own Twitter pages, and practically its own personality. So take a look at some of the best beards Hollyweird has to offer!

The-Dream’s blonde beard what the fu*k was he thinking?