After already being in the middle of a custody battle with his ex-wife,  Usher’s name is now involved in another case.

According to TMZ, his brother James Lackey is involved in a court battle of his own and claims he cannot afford his monthly child support payments. His brother’s baby mama, however, is citing Usher as a reason that he should be able to cough up the cash.

Though Lackey does production work for artists including B.O.B., Usher and Lloyd, he contends that the $1,300 he is responsible for in child support is beyond his means.

But his baby mama refuses to back down and assures that he is capable of dishing out the funds. In her court documents, she wrote “Given his opulent lifestyle, he has substantial income and assets available to him. He produces music with and for his brother Usher, he owns a recording studio, receives royalties, and owns a home and has several cars.”

The case will be going to trial next month what do you think?