Tupac may be going back on tour. You read that right. Sixteen years after his death, Tupac Shakur may be going back on tour in hologram form. If the creators of Hologram Tupac have their way he will be stomping on stages throughout Europe in the very near future.

By now everyone is familiar with Hologram Tupac. He made his debut at the Coachella Music Festival last weekend when he appeared onstage with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

The evil geniuses over at Musion Systems, who helped created Hologram Tupac, think a European tour “would make sense.” Of course it would. They have already received about $10 million of free press and now people are clamoring for a chance to see Hologram Tupac. Why wouldn’t they take him on tour and make some money?

I think Hologram Tupac has opened up a Pandora’s Box for the music industry. And this is just the beginning. Hologram Tupac has given us a glimpse of the future of music. For good or bad, the hologram is here to stay. Every record company and concert promoter must be salivating at the thought of bringing back dead artists and making a boatload of money off them.

There is already some talk about the Jacksons going on tour with a hologram Michael Jackson. If that tour actually happens I think it would break all records. They could do that tour for ten years straight and no one would get tired of it.

But why stop there? Why not have a Tupac and Biggie tour? How many people would line up to see that? I asked that question to all my Twitter followers and was surprised at how many would pay to see that hologram concert. I can guarantee you that someone in the music industry is trying to make that happen right now.

Or maybe we can have a Hologram Music Festival. Think about this lineup: Tupac, Biggie, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon.  Hell, I would probably pay for that. And so would a lot of other people.

But who would be getting the money for hologram concerts? Would this be just another way for greedy record companies to make more money off dead artists?  Who would own the rights to a hologram of a dead celebrity?

It has been reported that Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother, gave Dr. Dre he approval for him to use the hologram but it’s not clear if Dre could have went ahead and done it on his own, approval or not.

And what’s to stop Hologram Tupac from starring in a commercial for Pepsi or McDonalds? It could very easily happen depending on who owns the rights to the hologram. You can bet that record companies and families of dead celebrities are calling their lawyers right now to find out.

If there is a way to make money off a dead celebrity there will be people lining up to get their share. Hologram Tupac has just created another revenue stream for record companies and I’m sure they are currently working on ways to exploit it.

While the appearance of Hologram Tupac was a watershed moment for music and technology, it also raised some very serious questions that I’m sure will only be answered in a real live courtroom.