Timbaland stopped by Power 105 this morning and chopped it up with The Breakfast Club for a hearty 40 minutes.

The famed producer, responsible for banging out music’s biggest hits for over two decades, touched base on everything from Mary’s controversial Burger King commercial, to his weight issue and battle with depression.

But when the conversation switched to the politics of the industry and his relationship with music today, Timbaland held back no punches.

Of today’s music, the famed producer said, “I’m cut from a different cloth…I know what it was… when you look at [music] from out time to this time, there’s a major difference to what you call rap.”

Timb admits it took him some time to vibe with the new generation of hip-hop, but he does admit that there are a few artists he likes, including A$AP Rocky, 2Chainz and Wocka Flocka.


He also speaks volumes of Nicki Minaj‘s current success and reminisces on just how much he and Poppa Jay-Z‘s relationship has changed over the years – even hinting at a possible collab with the family man in the near future.

It’s an amazingly candid interview, with Timb dropping some real advice and opinions.