Words by DeRo:

Well, allow me to start by saying that this album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” (PFRR) seems like a preview of the Nicki Minaj to come. Although not too far from what we already know (just wasn’t expecting) it’s a Jeckel and Hyde album. The first half reminds you of the Nicki Minaj that pissed of the “Queen B” Lil Kim. The second half is so pop that it seems as if Katy Perry is her new alter-ego. A bad thing? I’m not too sure that it is. But with features from all male performers, including Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Cam’ron and Nas, just to name a few. The Rap half of this albums is something you wouldn’t mind blasting in your car… maybe even with the windows down.

Remember the performance that sparked much controversy at the VMAs, where the Starships singer’s featured personality known to the world as “Roman” received an exorcism? Well, if you remember that performance, then you also remember that you could hardly (if at all) understand the vocals spewing out of Roman’s (Nicki’s) mouth throughout the performance. Worry no more. You’ll get a chance to hear the studio quality performance of the song as it is the first track titled “Roman Holiday”.

After that, I can safely say (with confidence) that you’ll be introduced to the Nicki Minaj that you fell in fan-ship with. “Come On A Cone” is really catchy where the YMCMB Queen boasts that she gets “about Six figures” for features. But don’t doubt her, because she (Roman) also threatens to “Put my dick in yo face!”. The beat and hook is really catchy.

Speaking of catchy, the most catchy track (to me and others is) “Beez In The Trap” with a feature from rapper 2 Chainz is sure to have you singing the hook: “Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin nothin/ a hunnit muthafuckas can’t tell me nothin” and repeating “I beez in the trap, bee-beez in the trap”

But before that, there’s a track titled “I Am Your Leader” where she has no problem taking you back to the hood-Nicki. Although, not as catchy as “Beez In The Trap” this is probably the track to bump with the windows down. She opens with “Look sucka/ this my gun butter/ street fighter bitches/ This the up-cutta/ nun-chucker/ no time to duck-her/ sign of the cross ’cause this is her last supper/// play wit me/ check who came wit me/ I brought a couple 9’s–plus the K’s wit me” Then she finally reminds you that she’s the “Leader”. And the hottest MC in the game, Rick Ross (rated by MTV) doesn’t fall short with his signature-like rap style. Then Cam’rom comes in and murders his verse.



The well known Minaj continues with her raw style all the way to the song titled “Champion” ft. Nas, Drake and Young Jeezy. After that, she puts much effort into trying to convince her fans that she’s also a singer and solidifies her efforts as a Pop Star. After listening to the other half of the album, I realize that I like it. Not enough that the songs would ever be heard through the speakers of my car–but enough to say that I can see some of them being played in the club/party environment, much like the single “Starships”.

However, there are a couple of tracks that deserve great mentions that I feel were well executed and might be played in my home system:

  • “Sex In The Lounge” ft. Lil Wayne & Bobby V: Nice Beat, Great Lyrics. Well put to gether. and who doesn’t or wouldn’t love sex in a lounge.
  • “Pound The Alarm”: The lyrics in the first verse, which is before the Pop Nicki’s second verse of the song isn’t bad at all. And to be honest, I frequent many types of clubs and this would probably get the floor packed.
  • “Fire Burns”: It’s probably Nicki’s best attempt at singing. It’s like her version of Usher’s “Let It Burn” Its definitely worth a listen or two, and if you don’t like it, move on.

Over-all I would recommend the PFRR, mostly based off the Nicki we’re used to. What I like about this album is in fact what I don’t like (try to make sense out of that!), which is the diversity. Of course when you buy an album, you want the artist to perform as the person who got you hooked in the first place, not some watered-down-Pop-version. But I do feel like this is progression and to repeat myself, I Would recommend the album. Far from a classic but an awesome listen. With that being said, I tried my best to listen to the album as if I’ve never heard Nicki Minaj in my life. Fail? You be the judge. Download and listen to the album (here).


RATING 3.5 Diamonds (best possible 5)

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