World’s Most Expensive Rings – The top 10 most expensive rings in the world. Surely the men about to ask her hand to his wife will be interested, but will be concerned mainly women who are waiting for the proposal. Let’s look strange to those who are considered the 10 most expensive rings in the world, starting of course, like any self-respecting rank, the last position. Here are top 10 World’s Most Expensive Rings.

World's Most Expensive Rings

They are the diamonds of a Ross-Simons to begin the ascent to china: a rather large at the center, surrounded by so many other pieces of diamond from 0.96 carat. Value: $ 27,995.

house of taylor sapphire

House of Taylor: 8.28 carat Ceylon sapphire, added up to 2 carats of diamonds for a total of $ 49,500.

house of taylor ruby

Also from the House of Taylor eighth place: very similar to the ring with sapphires, however, appears the full red of 3 oval rubies, set with small diamonds. For 12.48 carats, this ring is worth $ 63,600.

ht ross simons yellow 6 carat

We return to Ross-Simons for seventh place: a rectangular diamond of 1.35 carats, surrounded by two trapezoidal diamonds of 0.35 carats, increase the value of this ring to $ 99.995.



Definitely very classy ring to sixth place, platinum and diamond signed De Beers for a total of 5.11 carat, well worth $ 400,000. And here the race to the top of the table starts to get really interesting.

In fifth place we always find a De Beers platinum and 10.19 carat Asscher cut diamond in a very cost $ 520,000.

Which digits get to the end of the rankings?  These World’s Most Expensive Rings in the 5th-10th place, We’ll know in the next post in the series, for the next place