Though his debut album failed to reach top 10 on the charts, Diggy Simmons isn’t fazed.

Despite a serious buzz, Diggy’s Unexpected Arrival only racked up 21,000 sales ranking him at no. 12. But the young rapper is still optimistic citing music veterans who initially didn’t sell such as Jay Z and Bruno Mars as inspiration.

“It’s about growth,” said Diggy in an interview with Karen Civil. “You look at a whole bunch of people– like Reasonable Doubt. When that first came out, that wasn’t anything. Look at Jay now. You could look at Bruno. When his Doo-Wops & Hooligans came out, like 50k first week and ended up going double platinum. I’m happy that the people who are listening to it are loving it.“

With such a positive attitude and a continued effort, the 17-year-old can go a long way. — Jazmine Gray

Check out the interview below.