If you’re a rich businessman with a passion of traveling on the sea, then you may need most expensive yacht in the world to fill your passion. Lot of rich persons in the world owning most expensive yachts that they use to travel around the world while can enjoy the beautiful seas and beaches. Here’s the list of most expensive yachts you can enjoy their beauty or you can maybe one to order one if you are rich enough

10. Tatoosh: $100 million

Have you heard about Tatoosh? It’s a luxury yacht owned by the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen. Tatoosh is one of the two yachts owned by Paul Allen. Tatoosh itself is a 303 foot yacht with own theatre, swimming pool as well as helipad that large enough for 2 helicopters. You can find the lobster tank that ready to server the entire passengers. Can you enjoy the seas while traveling with this yacht. I’m sure you will.



9. Annaliesse: $103 million

Annaliesse is a yacht with 280 foot in length and 15 staterooms inside it. The main stateroom has its own panoramic windows so that you can enjoy the scenery from you kind size bed. 50 persons can be loaded easily on this yach. What you can enjoy in this yacht? You can enjoy full service spa, salon and children play for your children on it. If you’re a person that like reading then you can to the library, if you like to watch movie then 100-inch of screen movie theater is ready to spoil you out.



8. Alysia: $116 million

Alysia is a luxury charter yacht owned by Andreas Liveras, a businessman from Greece. This yacht is 290 foot long and has a master stateroom that equipped by private deck and private jacuzzi and king size bed. If you want to charter this yacht maybe you need to know that this yacht has five decks and was costructed in 2006 by Neorion Ship yacrd. This yacht also equipped by a pair of “scuba scooters” if you want to make an underwater escape in this yacht.



7. Ecstasea: $129 million

Ecstasea is one of the “sea toys” of Russian Typhoon, Roman Abramovich, before he sold it to undisclosed American in June 2009. Ecstasea is luxury yacht with a length of 250 foot. The design of this yacht is styled in Asian theme with bamboo furniture from Terence Disdale with the architects of De Vooght Naval. Royal Van Lent is the famous shipyard builder that made this yacht in 2004. You can enjoy lot of fun in this yacht ranging from disco, sauna and turkish bath. If you go almost everywhere using a helicopter, you can landing in this yacht on a retractable helipad.



6. Pelorus: $130 million

Pelorus is 337 foot and 3 inches long yacht that again, belong to Roman Abramovic. It was built by the Lürssen yard in Bremen, Germany for Saudi Businessman with the design by Tim Heywood. The Yacht was launched in 2003. After Roman bought the yach, It’s refitted with helipad, zero speed stabilizers and some other items. You can find lot of entertainment on the yacht ranging from jet skis to wave runners with a total of 46 crews ready to serve the yacht’s guess.


5. Octopus: $200 million

Octopus is 416 foot luxury yacht owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft. The yacht is served by 40 crews. You can find a garage for 7 smaller boats as well as two helicopters and 10 persons submarine. The German Shipbuilder Lürssen built the yacht in Bremen with a help of HDW in Kiel. The yacht itself was designed by Jonathan Quinn from Seattle.



4. Rising Sun: $200 Million

Rising Sun is 453 feet yacht that was built by Germany’s Lürssen. It was designed by the late Jon Bannenberg. The yacht is co owned by Larry Elisson (Oracle CEO) and David Geffen. What you can find in this luxury yacht is of course luxury facilities. You can find Onyx countertops, Jacuzzi bathrooms, A gymnasium with spa and sauna. You can also find a private cinema and a luxury wine cellar on this yacht. The total room on this yacht is 82 rooms.

Rising Sun


3. Lady Moura: $210 million

Lady Moura is 344-foot Yacht built by Blohm + Voss of Germany with the design from Luigi Sturchio from Diana Yacht Design in 1990 and owned by Price Nasser al-Rashid since its launching. The yacht is served by 60 crews. The yacht has a pool with retractable roof on it. The special thing you can find in this luxury yacht is the artificial beachfront with sand and palm on it.

Lady Moura


2. Dubai: $350 Million

Dubai is 524-foot and 10 inches Yacht owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai and the Prime minister of United Arab Emirates. The yacht was formerly named as “Panhandle” and “Platinum”. The interior of the yacht was designed by by Philippe Starck and was built by Blohm + Voss and Lürssen and completed at Platinum Yachts FZCO. This yacht is a luxury yacht with a large pool, squah court, helipad and aircraft hanger on it. This yacht can server 115 guests with a total 88 crews.



1. Eclipse: $1.2 Billion

Eclipse is the newest yacht of Roman Abramovic that was launched on June 12th, 2009. It’s 528 feet yacht and become the world’s largest yacht till now. In eclipse you can find 2 helicopter pads, 11 guest cabins and 2 swimming pools. There you can also find several hot tubs and even disco hall. It also own 3 launch boats and mini submarine that can go underwater to 50 meters. The yacht is operated by 70 crews. This yacht is very modern yacht that also featuring intruder detection system and german built missile system. This yacht was built by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg, Germany. It’s equipped by anti-paparazi shield in the form of laser that sweep the surroundings when they detect any CCD. Luxury yacht with advanced technology on it.


Have you ever wanted to own one of those kind of most expensive yachts? You should prepare enough money for it, and don’t forget prepare the money for its maintenance and insurance as well.