An Oklahoma City nightclub owner blames rapper Drake for the drama he created in his club, and wants him to pay for it!

The owner claims weed smoke coming from Drake’s private section of the club resulted in not only the club getting shut down by the cops, but at least one arrest.

TMZ reports that Drake hit up the owner of Dollhouse Lounge in OKC to open the nightclub on March 1st for him to host a private party. According to the owner, Drake showed up with a huge entourage, and proceeded to smoke marijuana in the VIP section as the night went on.

After smelling the weed coming from the area, the party was shut down immediately. Soon after, the Oklahoma City Police showed up to escort people out of the club. While the cops were there, the owner claims they discovered a half-burnt marijuana cigarette in Drake’s section and arrested the club manager.

The owner doesn’t think it’s fair for the club to take the blame, so he wants the hip-hop star to pay several thousand dollars worth of legal damages. Damn, we wonder how this one will turn out