A$AP Mob ain’t nothing to f*ck with!


A$AP Rocky and his A$AP Mob homies were taking part in the SXSW festivities all week, but one show didn’t end so well.

After a belligerent fan decided to throw beer on stage at Rocky and his fam, Rocky got on the mic to tell the crowd to stop throwing bottles on stage.

A pissed off A$AP Rocky demanded for the lights to be turned on and warned the hecklers:

“Yo, whoever just hit my brother with that, I will f*ck you up. Don’t throw nothing no more. Please don’t throw nothing at us because we don’t want to end this early. We want to have fun.”

Apparently, the fan decided to test Rocky’s gangster by throwing one more beer on stage and all hell broke loose.


The whole A$AP Mob ran off stage into the crowd and gave that belligerent fan (who was probably drunk) the beat down of his life.

What’s to be learned after watching this video?

If you mess with A$AP Mob you will get thrashed-fan or no fan.

Take a look at A$AP Mob brawling at their concert in the video above!

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