Just when America was about to fall in love with Jermaine Jones aka the “gentle giant” the American Idol wild card pick has landed himself in hot water.

TMZ reports that Jones made up a story about his father to gain sympathy and votes from the public. Sources say that he went to producers after last week’s show and told them that after abandoning him and his mother 10 years ago, his father Kevin Jones, had re-appeared in his life. He explained to producers that he was extremely upset because his father had popped up out of the blue now that he was famous and referred to him as “lousy.”

Apparently everything he stated was one big lie. Jones’ father caught up with TMZ and told them that his son’s sob story was false and that he’s had an ongoing relationship with him for quite some time. Kevin stated that he was even in the audience last week to support Jermaine.

After speaking with American Idol producers, they were shocked about the story and believe Jermaine is lying.

Looks like this could ruin his chances of becoming big. Who do you think is telling the truth?