Guess rapping on YouTube isn’t totally in vain, because there are very important people watching, one of those being Jay-Z. 


Our friends at Complex did a dope interview with one of Jay’s closest friends Young Guru, who revealed 15 amazing things most people don’t know about the elusive rapper we’ve grown to worship.

Most of the secrets Young Guru revealed about Jay-Z came as a complete shock, but what caught our attention the most was Jay-Z’s interesting hobby of watching YouTube rappers.

Whether you’re a rapper from the Southside of Chicago battling a crew from the Northside, or a Philly rapper on the block letting the whole city know that you’re that “bull,” Jay-Z has probably seen your skills.


Don’t know about you all, but the thought of Jay-Z possibly watching nameless rapper after rapper on YouTube is exciting.

Young Guru spoke about Jay-Z’s YouTube hobby:

“Jay-Z has probably watched every SMACK DVD, Grind Time battle, freestyle, and every battle that has ever been on YouTube.

If you ever battle in any situation that has any remote type of promotion, he’s seen it. He calls me like, ‘Please come watch this battle.’ Jay watches all of them. I mean all of them. Every battle that has ever been on.

Jay watches these dudes freestyle on YouTube. Like, if you’re a battle MC from Philly, you may not have been in a battle but you just get on YouTube and start rapping, Jay watches those religiously.

It’s just the weirdest thing in the world but he really loves it to the point where I’m like, ‘Yo, turn it off.’”

If you thought rapping on YouTube was wack, think again! If your rhymes are tight, you may get a call from HOV himself.


Are you surprised that Jay watches an endless amount of YouTube rap battles?

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