Lately I’ve been thinking that my best video game days are behind me. You know, the days of fantasying about owning the newest game system, beating the pulp out of my older cousins in the new Madden or NBA Live…ahh, those were truly the days. Yet, I’m getting that old feeling back with the release of the PSVita (I keep calling it the Vista for some reason, ah well). Sony’s new handheld gaming system does more than just play the newest offerings by gaming companies; it’s like a personal roving communication center for a vid kid. I wasn’t sure if it was an overblown, overhyped version of the PSP 2 (especially since the PSP Go kind of came and went), but I didn’t even get a chance to let that thought simmer once I opened the packaging to this handheld juggernaut of digital greatness. The first thing you notice is the screen size (5 inches); it is basically the size of an iPhone. Not the iPhone’s screen but a full iPhone can sit in the PSVita’s screen area. The sharp resolution is an immediate plus and can shock you at initial game play. The standard front and rear camera is an added plus for capturing the happenings around you. After a bit of a learning curve of setting up my PSV, swiping and clicking the touch screen at various times for procedure prompts, I was able to unlock the magic of a sure fire hit in Marvel vs. Capcom. A fan of fighting games, I thought the moves would be way too complicated to pull off for a rusty former digital street fighter like me, but a few circle combos and jump kicks later, I was back to my winning rounds self against the computer on normal mode. Only issue with the game is the box that it comes in. Like all PSVita games, the box is a bit excessive for the little card that holds the game’s software. Let’s get greener on the packaging Sony! Aside from amazing game play control and detailed graphics, the PSVita is the mobile gamer’s answer to the iPhone lover. You can link your PSV to your existing Playstation Network account and collect your stats on game play, but all while on the go. There’s a straight Wi-Fi version and a 3G/Wi-Fi model with your choice of wireless provider that’s available, as well as payment through Vodafone for ease of procedure. Connect with your gamer crew or find new friends to challenge that may be near by with the search feature. Need to check TMZ for the latest in Lindsey Lohan drama? Browse the internet in no time. The addition of a music service titled Music Unlimited packed with the bundle allows for easy access to your favorite tunes. Will it be a true challenger to the iTunes library? Not immediately but 15 million songs on deck isn’t anything to sneeze at in the least. Check Sony’s description and video for more detail: First off, with a global library of more than 15 million songs, the Music Unlimited service makes its way to PS Vita with some added and exclusive features that take advantage of the handheld system’s unique capabilities, enhancing the experience and making it one of the best versions of the service available. With the Music Unlimited service on PS Vita, you can use the touch screen for easy browsing, navigation and search. You can even manage your playlists on-the-go, adding tracks from our global library of millions of songs, with automatic synching across devices. Get your free trial of the service while the offer lasts here. All in all, the PSVita is at its best a gamers dream for mobile activity. At its worst, it does so much that it’ll take you at least a few weeks to realize how much more it can do. Being the all-encompassing gadget for this new-age consumer is a daunting task, yet Sony and their innovation stepped up to the plate to tackle the market. Let’s see how they fair with the software updates and social activity in the near future.