Lil Wayne’s personal style can’t be boxed into categories. We’ve seen the hip-hop fashion icon suit up in everything from iced out bling and athletic jerseys to skinny jeans and skateboard tees. But is the world really ready for clothes inspired by a Martian?

Weezy’s first clothing line, Trukfit, is simply a reflection of the current digs he’s into wearing. Skateboard influenced, yes, but don’t label his brand anything yet. YMCMB’s head figure has ideas that change on a daily basis. He tells VIBE his sense of fashion comes from no one else but the man in the mirror.

“I’m really fond of Marc Jacobs as a designer. Everybody knows I love Polo,” Weezy tells VIBE. “But as far as me being fixated on some person’s style, that just ain’t… nahhh. That just ain’t me.”

Ultimately, Wayne says he doesn’t even pay attention to the fact that his style choices influence kids from all over the world. “Nah, I don’t be trippin. I just love the opportunity,” Weezy says after explaining how his brand will give kids from all backgrounds the opportunity to “dress fly.”

Trukfit features affordable prices points and is currently available at Zumiez locations and and