Justin Bieber is still on the hunt for an L.A. home, but he definitely has NOT put an offer on the $10+ million home Ashton Kutcher is currently renting.

Zillow.com and the Daily Mail are reporting Justin’s buying the Ashton house (below). Not true.

TMZ broke the story … Justin was looking at the Ashton home as well as 2 homes in Calabasas — a suburb of L.A. but he hasn’t made an offer on anything yet.

In fact, Justin’s people tell us the Ashton house isn’t even the frontrunner. Justin has now looked at 3 homes in Calabasas and he’s looked at 2 of them more than once, but he’s still not prepared to make an offer on anything and is continuing to look.

Two other points … We’re told Ashton is saying he wants to buy the house he’s currently renting.