When there is haute couture for virtually everything, personal gadgets like the laptops, mobile handsets, and tablet computers come into the foray as well. We have earlier told you about the most expensive laptops, including Ego lifestyle Tulip notebooks, Singulum luxurious wooden notebooks with ivory & gold keyboard, and the Lugvaglio million dollar notebook. But if there are some new metallic varieties you are looking at, especially for your laptops and tablets, than the Cottin Paris series seems to be the latest in this niche genre. Beginning from $14,489 to $20,806 for the laptops, and $1,705 for the designer iPads, Cottin Paris gives every fashionable tech geek a something extra to flaunt about with personal gadgets.

Beginning with the options for the laptops, the lower end of the series would begin with Color of Winter priced at €10,960 ($14,489). Aimed that the ‘rough n tough’ stylish tech geek, the cover is created out of brushed aluminum, with the interior layering done in black bull calf leather and horns. The premium option of the lot is the Color of Autumn cover (displayed above), which would be retailing for €15,740 ($20,806) per unit. Made with the theme of warm and cozy settings of the autumn season, this cover option uses the beauty of pale gold with linings of striking red suede leather, and the sophisticated beauty of rosewood. In fact, it brings back to life, much of what one may have seen in the works of Munch, Modigliani or Schiele.

However, a slightly moderate option be sought for, there is the Colors of Summer option on offer as well. Priced at €14,950 ($19,758), this design uses bronze as a medium to convey highly aesthetic design. In fact, the outer part of the cover has the Sun of Vergina, which was used during the time of Alexander the great. On the other hand, it utilizes exotic stone varieties like peridots, garnets, amethysts, with the classical trimming of black patterned crocodile leather.

For those who love to flaunt their iPads, there is a whole series of options for entire decorations or simply the covering options. While the entire decoration may cost €1,290 ($1,705), there are cover options ranging between €590 ($780) to €359 ($475). In fact, the leather options got our attention for the vibrant color options like ebony black alligator, bright red, beige sand iguana, pale rose, and sky blue just to name a few. The total decoration sets would include the antique silver, white and red, and black nickel options to choose from. Mind you, these things take around 48 hours of pre-delivery time to get completely done to your taste. Never the less, worth the wait we guess.

via: bornrich