Kayne West who has made quiet a reputation as a chart topping rapper and record producer, is now bent on creating a similar reputation as a fashion icon with the range of designer shoes, in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti.  After taking care of producing chart topping numbers, the rapper is now going to lend his name for something which would take care of the rich ladies feet, by pairing with an icon of Italian craftsmanship. Never the less, the price for each pair would be in the region of $5,800 each, which puts it in the next shopping list of wealthy buyers.

These high-heels first appeared last year in October, when it managed to grab eye balls at the Paris Fashion Week where it also turned out to be a hot favorite pick amongst fashionistas. The bone-colored pair of high heels is known to be created with calf leather base, with embroidered pearls, zip fastening design and also a black leather heel cover. With the imposing ideas of the rapper along with the designing skills of the brand, this pair seems to be a killer of an accessory, and a sure shot ticket to flashbulbs glory for any lady that wishes to dawn them. We might even see some from the crème-de-la crème world of fashion donning them (read Victoria Beckham).

For those that are already drawing up their shopping list for a pair of these, please do note that the pair will be available only through the French retailing chain ‘Colette’. However, they shall also feature a toned down $930 velvet leather pair which perhaps is meant for the aspiring fashionistas. But, as we see it, this isn’t the sole occasion of such extravagant shoes for women.