Hip Hop Jewelry of:
Young Berg

The Young Berg Jewelry collection has been one to watch. The Chicago-born rap entrepreneur is the son of successful business owners and an artistic natured individual. Always getting jewelry made in likeness of his favorite childhood cartoon heros, sports teams, and other symbols his collection is nice. Working with custom jewelers every year, he is definitely one of the consistent producers of new Hip Hop jewelry.

The other interesting fact of the Young Berg Jewelry history, is the amount of times he has been robbed. For some reason he seems to be targeted for his shiny diamond jewels more regularly than any other Hip Hop music artist. Robbed in the United States and Europe, Young Berg chains have become a viral image marketing ploy for various celebrities. The chains are passed celebrity to celebrity like some sort of comedy show clowning Berg’s robbery incident.

Whlie this may not be all of the Young Berg chains in the gallery below, there is certainly more than any other web gallery. Also find photos of artists posing with the chains posted below.



Young Berg Chain
This Young Berg jewelry piece is

the YB chain he started with.

Known as the Young Berg chain,

he still owns this one to date. .


Transformer Chain
Remember the first Young Berg

Jewelry piece he was robbed for?

Here’s the Transformer Chain

everyone takes a picture with.

Pics of celebs with Berg’s chain inside.


Batman Chain
Taken in the UK, here are pictures of

Young Berg’s Batman chain which was

robbed in 2010. The bandit that took

it posted videos on youtube celebrating

the bounty.



Custom Hip Hop Jewelry
The Young Berg Jewelry collection is thick.

Sometimes he wears groups of chains and

here are pics of his Custom Hip Hop Jewelry