Jay Z Jewelry has sparked many trends in Hip Hop over the years. From the Jesus head pieces made of diamonds or wood, to the Rocafella chain and rosaries, Jay Z has blinged all seasons. He is probably one of the first rapper to educated himself and speak on the topic of fine quality diamond jewelry. From rapping about the rob report to brand names of costly jewelry desingers, Jay Z has proven his knowledge on jewels over and over.

Jay Z Jewelry does not get outrageous as many rappers. His diamond tastes are exquisite in comparison to much of the gaudy wear artists have today. Usually, the Roc Nation boss can be seen wearing a simple piece but it will probably be as bright as a light house.

One of the first to bring custom jeweler “Jacob” into the forefront of Hip Hop, Jay Z has been in the bling game since the 90s. One of the earliest artists to mark his company’s artists with a diamond chain, it’s easy to see he has influenced many artists of post eras.


Rocafella Chain44
Remember the Jay Z jewelry in

his earlier career days? Here is

pics of the infamous Rocafella

chain that the world got to recognize.


Diamond Jesus Chain
Here is the Jay Z JEWLERY that has

lasted through the years. The

Diamond Jesus Chain design can be

seen on Jay Z from as early as 199.