Things you don’t see often – a juggling ferret and a busking pianist. Ferrets don’t care enough to bother, and pianos are just too darn heavy to lug about damp street corners. Enter Piano Hands, the piano you can play anywhere. Being strapped to a piano stool as a youngster before a looming and imposing black monolith was a daunting prospect that didn’t induce much love for the ivories. If only someone had said we could wear a pair of cool neoprene gloves and play anywhere without the need for a keyboard we’d all be budding Cladermans by now (so perhaps it was a good thing after all.).

Sensors on the fingertips of these natty gloves trigger the piano notes that play through the attached speaker, you get an octave out of your digits (well, eight of them anyway one would have thought) and to shift up an octave you just press the heel of your hand on whatever surface you’re playing on. As well as the classical piano sound, there are seven other instruments, such as guitar, soulful trumpet, and of course a drum kit, literally at your fingertips. Brilliant and a whole heap of fun.