So, there’s this little guy we know; his name is Dan. He’s less than four inches tall and he’s the one who models for all the warning signs you see all over the place. He does a great “Mens Room” and his “Caution: Slippery Floor” is beyond compare. Ok, so we just ripped that joke off an old Steven Wright routine, but so what. This little Stickman generic action figure is awesome enough to warrant it. Read on to find out why.

The Stickman action figure has a bajillion points of articulation, so he can get into any pose. And each leg and arm ends in a hole that can connect to one more ball jointed peg on the action base – which means you can balance him on one hand or one leg. Snap in the warning sign backdrop, and you create any sign you can imagine. Warn folks that the breakroom is an authorized “Handstand Zone” or that the leaking water cooler is a “Swimming Zone.” With the Stickman Action Figure, your office can always be the official “Party Zone” – just add some sticky note confetti to the backdrop!


Stickman Action Figure

Use this action figure to create or recreate any warning sign you can think of (or just play with the little dude).
Includes: Stickman action figure, action-tastic base, and background warning sign
Stickman action figure has 16 points of articulation, plus 2 more when you connect it to the base
Stickman: 3.75″ tall
Sign Base: 6.2″ tall (at it’s peak)