Cardboard Cube Speakers

Pretty Much The Coolest Speakers I’ve Seen In A While… Price

Is Only $14.45

It takes an amazing high-tech process to create these fine cardboard cube speakers. First wood chips are chemically treated to release cellulose fibers. These fibers when mixed with water produce a delightful wood pulp. The pulp is then strained on metal grids and dried. The resulting cardboard is fed through “The Corrugator”… twelve different machines used to create corrugated cardboard. Finally the cardboard is stacked next to a tricked out surround sound speaker system. After months of listening to this incredible audio setup the cardboard has no choice but to grow its own tweeters and become a mini speaker system.

Simply fold-up these processed corrugated cardboard beauties, plug them into your portable audio player or computer and start jammin’. Dried wood pulp never sounded this good. When you’re finished drop these in the recycling bin to avoid becoming a burden on society’s future landfills. Thanks!

Product Specs:

Two Speakers Per Set
Single speaker Dimensions – 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″
3.5-mm stereo headphone plug.